Letter: Count on Comstock to hit ground running

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Letter: Count on Comstock to hit ground running


I heard that at the AAUW/Handley Library candidates forum in Winchester there were many differing ideas on what the priorities are for the 10th District.

Barbara Comstock stood out as the candidate who has a clear set of priorities that include getting people back to work, growing the economy, and repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

Surprisingly, in the days of ISIS and al Qaeda, Comstock was the only candidate who stressed the importance of restoring our national defense. Her work as a senior Justice Department official and working as a trusted aide to Rep. Frank Wolf would put her in a position where she already knows how to get things done. I have been impressed by her background — which runs laps around her opponents’. She also has been the only candidate who has committed to keeping an office in Winchester.

Comstock has addressed the need to tackle the growing heroin problems in the Valley and committed to continuing the work Congressman Wolf has started. She attended a recent hearing in Winchester held by members of the General Assembly with law enforcement officials and those working to address this problem. Heroin is flowing through our Southern border, and is just another reason why we need to make sure that border security is a top priority in the next Congress. Mr. Wolf has been on the front lines working to stop this heroin epidemic, and Barbara will follow in his footsteps.

Democrat John Foust, instead of focusing on pressing issues like our national security and the growing heroin problem, stated that climate change was the most important issue. Climate change? John Foust just does not get it. We need to grow our energy economy and find solutions that will allow us to have an all-of-the-above energy policy. So to prioritize climate change shows a lack of understanding of the real and pressing problems our nation and the Valley faces.

Foust even opposes the Keystone Pipeline, and the thousands of jobs that would come from it because of the partisan politics the Foust-Obama team like to play.

There was no question that Barbara Comstock will be prepared on Day One to hit the ground running, get to work to create jobs, grow our economy, combat issues that are plaguing our area, and keep our nation safe. That is why I will be voting for Barbara Comstock on Nov. 4.

Cheryl Swartz

Frederick County

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