February 8th, 2017

I’ve been a constituent of Rep. Barbara Comstock since she first won Virginia’s 34th Delegate seat in 2010. That was the year, for me, that I became involved in politics. I was motivated by my opposition to “Obamacare”. Barbara Comstock, from the day she was elected to delegate until now, has been on the side of the majority of Americans who are against it.

There is nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act. Just last fall, the Obama Administration admitted that premiums may soar by 25% – harming families right here in Northern Virginia. I was personally affected by how the law changed the way companies administered their insurance, passing on the premium increases right to me. It has been progressively worse every year since implementation.

Thanks to the unified Republican majority built over the last eight years, we have the opportunity to reform the current failed system, provide a smooth transition from Obamacare to its replacement, and remove the government choke-hold that is limiting the quality health insurance and care options that everyday Americans deserve. The passage of the budget resolution last month is only the first step in moving to a patient-focused healthcare system that is more affordable, portable, flexible, and provides more choice for individuals and families.

Barbara Comstock is a leader like no other – she is and will continue to work with Congressional leadership to shape a replacement healthcare policy that allows for wider consumer choice in health insurance. Along with the unified Republican majority, her commitment to the American people and her district in repealing and replacing Obamacare is resolute.

Thank you Barbara Comstock, for fighting for what is right for Northern Virginia, and all Americans. Repeal and replace Obamacare.

Rick Canton



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