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David Bossie Endorses Comstock

My name is David Bossie and you might know me from Fox News where I routinely discuss my time as the Deputy Campaign Manager for President Trump’s 2016 campaign. I also co-authored The New York Times best-selling book “Let Trump Be Trump,” along with Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s first campaign manager.

I wanted to write to you today about the Republican primary on June 12th and ask for your vote for Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

I’ve known Barbara for over 25 years, working side by side against the Clinton Administration and trying to defeat Barack Obama and I supported her in all six of her elections.

I’ve supported conservatives year after year across the Commonwealth of Virginia with my conservative PAC Citizens United Political Victory Fund. And you know Barbara has done the same – supporting dozens of Republicans in Virginia to keep our majorities.

Like President Trump – I like winners! So does Ambassador John Bolton who, before he became the President’s National Security Advisor, endorsed Barbara for the third time and gave the maximum amount to her campaign from his organization. And other trusted conservatives that you and I know are supporting Barbara too – conservative leaders like former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Governor George Allen, former Vatican Ambassador Jim Nicholson and many more!

In these critical midterms, we can’t lose the House. We simply can’t afford to lose our Republican majority and have Nancy Pelosi return as Speaker, and that is what would happen if we don’t have a winner like Barbara fighting for this seat and winning as she always does. Barbara Comstock getting re-elected means that we retain the House and never have to worry about the crazy left undermining our positive agenda.

Barbara also has fought for many of our priorities:

• Barbara fought for the historic tax cuts that the President signed into law and are reviving our economy.
• Barbara stood with the President to strengthen our military and national security and voted to fully fund the military and national security budget.
• Barbara was recently at the White House for a roundtable on how to battle MS-13 gangs conducted by President Trump.
• Barbara has already passed 2 bills to battle MS-13 gangs that the President has promised to sign when they get through the Senate, and she’s voted to fund the wall and border security and she has voted in opposition to sanctuary cities.
• Barbara’s been endorsed by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List that President Trump just recently addressed and she’s been endorsed by the NRA — and attacked by the left every day!

Unfortunately she’s been subjected to false attacks by her primary opponent – a perennial losing candidate who has never won any race in Virginia  – and an outside political PAC.  The outright lies that Barbara’s primary opponent and this PAC have been throwing around are so flagrant that WMAL recently took down TWO malicious radio ads.  I can tell you as someone who has run many TV and radio ads that this almost never happens!

So join me in supporting a winning campaign and help us keep the majority on June 12 by voting for Barbara Comstock in the Republican primary.

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