Patel: Praise for Comstock on the small business front

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Patel: Praise for Comstock on the small business front

June 21, 2018

These days, rarely do we hear about members of Congress supporting their constituents, but I am writing to commend Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) for doing an invaluable job in Congress supporting my business and other locally owned businesses.

It is hard to succeed as a business owner in today’s environment. Technology and the Internet provide tremendous opportunities, but they also mean our small businesses are competing toe-to-toe against juggernauts like Amazon, AirBNB and Google. Globalization means more open markets, but it also means Main Street businesses are also competing against international entities. And piles of regulations at the local, state and federal level mean we spend too much of our revenue on compliance and attorneys’ fees, rather than on hiring and training people and generating new jobs.

One recent regulation out of Washington, D.C., known as “joint employer,” would have made small businesses like mine liable for employees I do not employ. And perhaps worse, it would make my business partners potentially liable for my employees. Neither of those policies make sense, and they threaten the livelihoods of so many small business owners like me.

Congresswoman Comstock is a steadfast supporter of local businesses in our community, and she cosponsored and supported a bill called the “Save Local Business Act,” which overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House of Representatives last year. Now we need Sens. Tim Kaine (D) and Mark Warner (D) to support continued action in the U.S. Senate.

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