Chantilly, VA – The following statement was issued by Susan Falconer, Campaign Manager for the Barbara Comstock for Congress Campaign on the news that two false radio ads attacking Barbara Comstock were pulled off the air by WMAL:

“In a nearly unprecedented move, WMAL, one of the top conservative radio stations in the Northern Virginia region, pulled down two easily provably false radio ads attacking Congresswoman Barbara Comstock over the course of this past week.

“One of the false ads was from Shak Hill, the perennial failed candidate himself, and the other false ad was from a fledgling Political Action Committee helping him, who’s chief consultant was previously fired by a U.S. Senate campaign for X-Rated rants. Our primary opponent and those associated with his campaign have run many losing campaigns in the past based on lies and false attacks, and now they are doing it again here in the 10th Congressional District.

“With a week to go in the primary, we are certain that this sad and desperate campaign will only increase the negativity because they have no positive message to run on in the Republican Primary.  It should be noted, that all of the Comstock campaign ads have been running for nearly two weeks uninterrupted because they are based on facts and have a website backing them up.”