‘9/11 We Remember’ is forever for Rep. Barbara Comstock

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‘9/11 We Remember’ is forever for Rep. Barbara Comstock

By Washington Examiner

Like a lot of lawmakers who represent areas impacted by the 9/11 al Qaeda terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 in 2001, Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock spent Tuesday at events called to remember and honor the dead.

For her the day has a special meaning because in American Airlines Flight 77 that struck the Pentagon after New York’s Twin Towers were hit was her longtime colleague and friend Barbara Olson.

Comstock, whose northern Virginia district includes many who were at the Pentagon that day, both as military and civilian workers and first responders, attended five different events stretching from Winchester, Va. to Arlington, Va. She tweeted 11 times about 9/11.

On Facebook she wrote, “As we traveled around the district today — Patriot Day — to commemorate and honor those lost on this tragic day, we made connections with those who had sacrificed and suffered on that day and since. There are still so many stories of heroes still to be told from that single day and at many events across our district today we met those heroes and heard of their stories. Never forget.”

At one event, she even set politics aside and joined with two of her past election opponents, Kathleen Murphy and John Foust.

Here reelection challenger this year, Virginia State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, didn’t join Comstock at key 10th District 9/11 events but did host a political fundraiser in Winchester at the brewery Winchester Brew Works. “Rally in the Valley,” she tweeted.

She did send out a recycled 2017 9/11 tweet, “Today we remember and honor the victims of 9/11 #NeverForget.”

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