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As a Young Married Couple looking for the best place to work and raise a family, the Comstocks first came to McLean in 1981 when Barbara’s husband, Chip, started teaching at Langley High School and Barbara was attending Georgetown University Law Center. They raised their three children in McLean: Dan is a 2005 graduate of University of Virginia and now married with 3 children; Peter is a 2007 graduate of Virginia Tech and married, and Caity graduated from Villanova University in 2010 and George Mason in 2012, and is married with 2 children. Barbara’s husband, Chip, has served in the Fairfax County school system since 1981, including as a teacher at McLean High School, Marshall High School, Chantilly High School, and as an assistant principal at Oakton High School. He retired from Oakton and continues teaching.

As an at home mom, Barbara was fortunate that her husband could work two jobs so she could be home with their young, growing family while she attended and graduated from Georgetown Law Center. She knows the challenges of trying to live on one income, while trying to save for a house, the kids’ education, and retirement.

As a Working Mom and Trusted Aide to Congressman Wolf, Barbara was privileged to be able to go back to work on Capitol Hill for our Congressman Frank Wolf, who hired her after she had been out of the workforce to raise her family. In Rep. Wolf ’s office, Barbara was immersed in issues important to Northern Virginia such as federal employees and health care issues, business and transportation issues such as leading efforts for telework solutions, and tax relief for families. She then went on to be the Chief Counsel on the largest House committee tasked with investigations into waste, fraud and abuse.



As a Senior Justice Department Official, Barbara headed the Public Affairs Office post 9/11 – leading communications for the Department on the War on Terror investigations, the Washington sniper case, major corporate fraud investigations and judicial confirmations.

As a Senior Partner in a Law Firm, Barbara worked with associations, corporations, charities and individuals to be their advocate and deliver results on a variety of legal and policy issues such as tort reform, telecommunications and First Amendment, intellectual property and foster care issues.

As a Small Businesswoman, she knows what it is like to sign the front of the paycheck, not just the back. She understands that our economic recovery is going to come from unleashing the power and entrepreneurial spirit of our small business community.

As Our Common Sense Conservative Delegate, Barbara has worked to pass common sense conservative bills that provide tax relief to the middle class and small businesses. Barbara tirelessly worked to cut spending, eliminate red tape and to create jobs for Northern Virginia.

As a Daughter whose parents have given her all the best opportunities in life, Barbara is committed to making sure that our seniors’ financial and health care needs are met and they are not driven out of this area by ever increasing property taxes and spiraling health care costs.

As our Congresswoman, Barbara has been a leader in getting historic tax cuts passed, working to rebuild our military and support our veterans, fight the opioid and heroin addiction problem, and provide historic levels of funding to battle chronic disease like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes. Barbara also passed the first anti-Sexual Harassment legislation in a generation. Barbara has also been a strong supporter of our local law enforcement and first responders and passed legislation to support community policing and cracking down on MS-13 and gun crimes. She also passed legislation to provide 6 years of funding for firefighter grants to help our first responders.

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